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Big City Dating: Is Online Dating The Answer?

Dating Advice

Dating can be difficult and stressful regardless of where you are — but, as any single city-dweller will inform you, big-city dating in a metropolis is an entirely separate beast….

5 Things That Will Probably Ruin Your Date (And How to Avoid Them)

First Date

You’ve put the hard work in. You’ve got to know them, you’ve bantered, you’ve flirted. Now the day’s set, and it’s fast looming. Whether this is your first date or…

30 Genuinely Interesting Speed Dating Questions Guaranteed to Make You Stand Out

Dating Advice

Do you ever feel jaded about how much of your life you spend trying to find a decent date? It takes boundless amounts of charm, gusto and optimistic perseverance to…

50 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Becoming a Dating Expert

Some dates are just meant to be super special. Maybe you’ve had a crush on her for months and have just gotten up the courage to ask her out… Or…

Gay Online Dating Tips: Our Top 5 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd


Although online dating has forever changed the dating world in general, it has become truly revolutionary for the gay community.  In fact, according to research from Stanford University, 65% of…

5 Unusual Ways to Impress Your Date

Dating Advice

The modern dating space is oftentimes impossible to navigate. It can be fickle, contradictory and filled with mind games. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are when it comes to…

5 Free Dating Apps And Platforms to Use While Self-Isolating

Dating Apps

Newsflash, folks. You don’t need heaps of dolla to be a professional frisk-taker. And that’s especially great news during these “self-isolating” and, often, financially-difficult times… The rollercoaster process of dating is…

How to be Supportive in a Relationship

Becoming a Dating Expert

After the heavenly honeymoon phase fades away slowly but surely, couples are often left with a distinctively sinking feeling. It’s no longer constant rainbows, flowers, and sunshine. It’s real life….

The Differences Between Love and Lust: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Not Sure

Dating Woes

Are you feeling head-over-heels? Can’t get them off your mind? Are they your first thought when you wake up? Then you, my friend, are probably in love. But what if…

Ghosting: What to Do When The One’ Vanishes into Thin Air

Healing From Heartbreak

You thought this day would never come. You’re weak at the knees. You’ve got butterflies. Your heart’s fluttering, a bird released from the cage’s confines into a vast and cloudless…