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Lockdown Love Stories: How Covid-19 Couldn’t Stop True Love

As the saying goes, ‘love conquers all.’ Well, this has never been more true than during these unprecedented times of quarantine. The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a lot of anxiety and uncertainty as the world faces an ongoing period of lockdown. One thing, however, that seems to have stayed alive during these difficult times is people’s journey in the course of true love. 

The world going into shutdown mode has meant people have been unable to leave their homes for general day to day interactions, such as meeting in restaurants or cafes, resulting in people being unable to meet that special someone in these day to day interactions. This hasn’t stopped the social media generation of today though, as thanks to the current digital age and with the inspiration of the Netflix hit Love is Blind, came the newest concept of Love is Quarantine. Online users that are seeking companionship during lockdown are given the opportunity to meet someone new in the ‘pandemic pods. It could be a new friend or the start of a blossoming romance!

Floods of different users have taken to social media to share their personal experiences of linking with each other, and it seems to have received a very positive response to helping singletons, or lonesome individuals feel connected during these difficult times. 

While this may seem like a straightforward and conventionally candid way to meet someone during these extraordinary times, others went to higher levels of creativity to find love during this pandemic. 


‘Shooting your Shot’ in Lockdown 

It was one of the most viral sensations of lockdown when Brooklyn based photographer Jeremy Cohen, shared his lockdown love story online with his millions of social media followers. The New Yorker took to Twitter to share how he sent a drone to his cute-looking neighbour to ‘shoot his shot’ and ask her out on a date. 

Thanks to the power of technology (and a little help from his date’s roommate) he was able to set up quarantine styled first date from his balcony, featuring a human bubble and all. 

After a successful socially-distanced first date, Jeremy’s followers fell in love with the pair’s quarantine love story and it has been one of the biggest social media sensations of 2020. Here’s to a possible quarantine wedding? 

Let the Quarantine Bells ring 

Lockdown has put many of our plans on hold. From cancelled trips and holidays to delaying major social events and celebrations. Amongst those monumental moments that are usually marked by the gathering of several friends and family, is of course weddings. 

So many engaged couples looking to tie the knot in 2020, have had to put their plans on hold due to the restrictions on large gatherings and sticking to social distancing guidelines.  

This, however, did not stop some couples in the journey to the altar, deciding on a less traditional, more feasible wedding day to profess their love to one another. 

A London doctor and nurse working amid a Covid-19 ward who were scheduled to get married during the coronavirus outbreak period, didn’t let the pandemic interfere with their plans. Jaan Tipping and Annalan Navaratnam decided instead of delaying their wedding plans, they bought the wedding forward and tied the knot in the hospital itself.  

Their wedding took place on April 24 at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital with photos from their beautiful day going viral online, leaving thousands of users gushing. 

Another heart-warming quarantine love story that took the internet by storm was thanks to New Yorker’s, Mark Van Name and Jen O’Leary, who had spent months planning their wedding before the coronavirus pandemic started shutting down their plans. 

Again, not wanting to delay their plans, they decided to host an intimate celebration of love with their nearest and dearest attending virtually over Zoom. New York Councilmember, Van Bramer got wind of this couple’s plans and was so moved that he offered his garden to perform the ceremony himself!

Suited and booted ready for their big day, with the addition of masks and gloves, the couple were joined in matrimony at Mr Van Bramer’s home, with guests joining virtually to witness the special occasion. To reaffirm the words of Mr Bramer – love really does win. 

Quarantine has sped up the dating process

For those not quite near the altar yet and still in the dating phase, this time of lockdown has proved beneficial for them too. There have been many prospective couples that have actually enjoyed getting to know each other during lockdown, as it has given them the opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper, more emotional level with less distractions. 


Quarantine has actually sped up the dating process for them with the freedom of being able to video chat for hours from the comfort of their own homes. This has proven to build a stronger connection for couples to know each other better by talking more, especially with the physical aspect being put on hold for the moment. 

This coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of panic and worry in today’s world, but one thing it hasn’t been able to defeat is the power of love. These lockdown love stories are testament to how true love really does conquer all – even coronavirus!


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